The Art of Gig

The Art of Gig is a two-volume guide to the modern gig economy, with particular emphasis on independent consulting. It is intended to serve as a philosophical companion for a life of free agency and help you develop a sensibility of work attuned to both the poetry and practicalities of life beyond paychecks. The essays included in these volumes were originally published over two years in a weekly email newsletter by Venkatesh Rao. They have been carefully updated, sequenced, and structured for this compilation. Currently, both volumes are available on Amazon, in paperback and ebook formats. Outside the US, please check your local Amazon marketplace for availability.

There are additional plans for this project beyond these books, and this site will be updated as those mature.

Volume 1: Foundations

The first volume, Foundations, comprises thirty-two essays that aim to help you develop a solid grasp of the fundamentals of surviving and thriving in the gig economy. Topics include: getting oriented, bootstrapping, managing perceptions, mental fitness, and sparring with executives.

Paperback | Kindle ebook

Volume 2: Superstructures

The second volume, Superstructures, comprises thirty-four essays that aim to help you explore beyond the foundations. Topics covered include: the history and future of the free-agent economy, creative frames for approaching gigwork, and managing your psyche.

Paperback | Kindle ebook

Yakverse Stories

The newsletter also featured a series of absurdist speculative-fiction stories about the indie consulting life set in a world called the Yakverse. These will be published separately later in a different, more experimental form. Updates will be posted on Ribbonfarm.