The Art of Gig

The Art of Gig was a weekly Substack newsletter written by Venkatesh Rao for two years, between 2018-2020. The newsletter featured essays on indie consulting and the gig economy, now available as two sequenced collections.


Art of Gig: Getting going with gigging.

Art of Gig: Good gigging to great gigging

The first volume is meant for those getting started in the gig economy, or contemplating diving in. It should also be useful to those who've been trying to find their footing for a while, but struggling. The second volume is for those who have found their footing and looking to refine and develop their approach further.

Yakverse Project

The newsletter also featured absurdist speculative-fiction stories about the indie consulting life set in a world called the Yakverse. These stories are now the core of an online collaborative fiction project called the Yakverse. You can read the original stories, explore the Yakverse, and contribute new stories, at this Roam site.